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  • Friday night karaoke killed everything, the party of 20 people was rushed out because of that. The Staff didn't care, shame!!!
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    Love this Place
  • Kyle wrote a review for KarVér 1 year, 1 month ago

    This place is the worst. Ever since they opened they constantly play music through their outdoor speakers well into the night. By law they should stop all outdoor music by 11 pm. However they continue playing music even after 12 am. I had multiple conversations with multiple managers who all promised it will never happen again. but it does. EVERY DAY. I encourage everyone to boycott this terrible business, they don't care about the people living around them.
  • Really love it when I have a date and they surprise me with Patrizia's when I say I want to "keep it local". Amazing food and service. Cozy and romantic.
  • This place has really great things! The Bartenders are not only talented but also very personable. The second great thing is the outdoor seating! The food is on point and it is served in an elegant setting.
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