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Soup-N-Burger: Comfortable Comfort Food at a Comforting Price

Soups and Burgers. When it comes to comfort foods, are there any better choices? Some might argue Mac N Cheese, but Soup-N-Burger has that too. (Soups-N-Burgers & Mac-N-Cheese is perhaps too much of a mouthful, but their Mac N Cheese is delicious.)  Regardless, Soup-N-Burger excels at all of these comfort foods and more, making it… Read more »

Introducing The Vahalla of Beers, The Heaven of Euro Brews: Draft Barn

Beer, the ancient brew. Beer was being brewed by the 5 millennium BC and is one of humanity’s oldest beverages. Given this ancient history, it should come as no surprise that beer has come a long ways. Over the last few centuries, countless truly memorable classics have emerged. Over the past few decades, the microbrew… Read more »

Trending Hot Spots on Emmons Avenue

When you venture out to one of Brooklyn’s busiest neighborhoods, you can find it bustling into the late hours of the night, and into the early morning. The variety of food on Emmons Avenue in Brooklyn’s Sheepshead Bay is overwhelming. From Russian, Italian, Turkish, and many delicious seafood venues, you’re in for a treat wherever… Read more »