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  • If you love seafood, this is the place for you. The only meat served was a chicken kabob. Everything else was fish or shellfish and served Mediterranean style usually kabobs. Be careful with so-called boneless fish. The trout had some bones left in. The shrimp kabobs were wonderful. And their house salad just terrific. having a dairy allergy, we ordered it without the feta cheese.
  • Had an amazing lunch at Karver Restaurant on Emmons Avenue two weeks ago. My cousin came in from Colombia and these two dishes were the only ones we managed to take photos of LOL I will suggest that you order Karver’s Bloody Mary! Ask for the outdoor seating, best people watching around!
  • This place has really great things! The Bartenders are not only talented but also very personable. The second great thing is the outdoor seating! The food is on point and it is served in an elegant setting.
  • Really love it when I have a date and they surprise me with Patrizia’s when I say I want to “keep it local”. Amazing food and service. Cozy and romantic.