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  • Really enjoyed the Appetizers last night!

    Could it be true? Tacos and Sushi in one awesome place – YES.
    I never had the Sushi with Salmon and a Jalapeño wheel on top. Perfect mending of flavors!

    Plus they have an awesome kids menu.

  • Awesome fishing boat. staff is on top of their game
  • Love RESSAM House of Beauty. If you value your look and quality service then you will love Ressam too. The vibe inside is very easy going, busy and upbeat. The team inside carry on that vibe as they cater to your every styling, beauty needs. They even offer you coffee, tea, espresso or wine upon entering their salon. Style, Style! Definitely good to make an appointment ahead of time.
  • I used to always walk past Falada, not sure why, I guess I didn’t think I would like it… I couldn’t have been more wrong. This place is great for dinner and drinks but stay a little later and the place really turns up! I’ve been there several times, one time after a dinner nearby I went with my girl and her friends around 1AM and this place packed and the music was great!

    Another night we went around 11:30 pm and were surprised to walk in to a full on Karaoke crowd cheering, laughing and singing it up. All in all I am now a fan, especially because it’s an elegant setting with very good service, and the drinks I have there are always perfectly balanced. Highly recommended!

  • Love this Place