200lb Thresher Shark Caught In The Brooklyn Bay

Last weekend some local buddies of EmmonsAvenue.com set off aboard the Morning Star, on a fishing trip in Sheepshead Bay. This group had a great time and managed to reel in a SEA MONSTER worthy of a JAWS movie remake! They shared with us these jaw-dropping pictures. Check them out! How big you ask? How does a 200 Pound, 15 foot Thresher Shark, sound? And get this… this great catch happened less than 20 miles away from Emmons Avenue.

We reached out to Captain Steve of The Seaqueen VII for more insight on these beautiful giants. He says Thresher Sharks are becoming more and more comfortable swimming closer to our NYC shores, thanks to larger schools of bunker fish, especially in the bay. Experienced fishermen will tell you Thresher Sharks do not actively hunt humans, however, they will hurt you if you mess with them or try to fish them. Consider yourself warned 😉

In case you are curious, last weekend’s catch was grilled on the BBQ that same evening. Support our community’s local fishing boats, located right on Emmons Avenue.

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