Emmons Avenue Overview

Emmons Avenue offers one of the best waterfront experiences in all of Brooklyn, and indeed New York City. The avenue has become a hotspot for waterfront dining, entertainment, and nightlife. Lined with beautiful beaches, ample destination dining, cruises in the water, fishing, and sailing; there is a huge amount of variety on Emmons Avenue. Plus anyone who happens stay out a bit too late will find a variety of hotels and other places to crash.

Historically, Emmons Avenue, and Sheepshead Bay in general, was popular among immigrants looking for a bit quieter of a place to raise a family. There’s a bit more space and the streets are usually less crowded. As the years have gone by, however, the area has become very lively. An increasing number of New Yorkers and transplants have chosen to join the immigrant communities in and around Emmons Avenue. As a result, the area has become a fantastic melting pot of different cultures and there’s now home to an organic, and fast growing local culture.

Sheepshead Bay is now a happening place with a particularly great food scene and fishing/water culture. Sheepshead Bay is considered a safe neighborhood. This is especially true for Emmons Avenue, which as emerged as a popular foodie area. The wide selection of restaurants by the bay can satisfy any craving for quality cuisine, delicious desserts, beautiful scenery, and more. Emmons Avenue itself runs along the Sheepshead Bay waterfront, and many of the area’s best restaurants line the coast and piers of the street. Seafood is especially popular, however there is also a variety of Italian, fusion, Greek, and other options. Indeed, the food scene is probably Emmons Avenue’s most popular feature, and draws in people from across Brooklyn and New York.

The beauty of this area is it’s ability to offer the hustle & bustle of the city, with it’s fair share of relaxing charm as-well. This is due in-part to the presence of cruise ships & fishing boats that line the bay. Visitors and locals alike love to take cruises along New York City’s metropolitan harbor and waterways. And the ever-growing fishing community enjoys the many fishing trips offered by the local boats – with many treating it as a family adventure! Fishing along the piers is popular as well, and many people love to simply relax on the boardwalk to watch the majestic ships and flocks of swans in the Bay.

Despite the rapid growth, the cultural and ethnic flare has remained. There are also a ton of grocery stores and delis, offering a wide range of foods, and catering to all different budgets. Gourmet groceries and vegetables, cheaper staples, whatever you need more or less. However, should you desire, the area is also home to some New Yorks better Eastern European markets, and a few Asian markets as well.

Anyone in the mood for shopping should check out South Brooklyn’s Macy’s Backstage, where you can find the hottest fashion for affordable prices. Emmons Avenue and Sheepshead Bay offer something for everyone.

For those wishing to stay, there are a number of great condos on Emmons Avenue that offer beautiful waterfront views. It’s still possible to find condos near Emmons Avenue, however, prices have been rising quickly as the area continues to gain more and more popularity. Sheepshead Bay is know one of the hottest growing neighborhoods in Brooklyn right now.

Emmons Avenue is becoming increasingly more & more desirable, and developing its own reputation for being a foodie hotspot. More people are moving in, and while it’s certainly an energetic and fun place to be, it also offers many unique attributes and experiences compared to the rest of New York City. Come down, spend the day with us, and see for yourself!