Emmons Avenue: A Travel Back In Time

Let’s take it back people, way back… more than a century ago, Emmons Avenue was a popular waterfront go to spot. We bet you passed the corner of Corbin Place and Cass Place and didn’t think twice why the name Corbin was chosen. Did you know Lundy’s Brothers owned many of the homes around Emmons Avenue? We also bet you didn’t know there were dozens of Hotels, Casino and Race Tracks on Emmons 110 years ago. Read on and check back soon for more blogs about our great community.

Austin Corbin built the brilliant Manhattan Beach and Oriental Hotels in the 1870’s – 1880’s, paving the road for the other developers to quickly construct more and more hotels providing options to those people who couldn’t afford the price tag of Corbin’s hotels yet dreaming to enjoy the sea breezes and ofcourse betting on the ponies at the race track. During the period 1885-1910, loads of hotels appeared on the north side of Emmons Avenue facing the delightful bay.

Bayside and Osborne’s Hotels, Emmons Avenue and Ocean Avenue

Bayside and Osborne’s Hotels, Emmons and Ocean Avenues

Emmons Avenue hotels included the Bay Side, pictured in above photo from top, became a casino and later remodeled into Lundy’s, the Bay View, Clifford & Evans, Gewert & Huisman, Grand View, Kean’s, Osborne’s, Tappens, and Whittal’s.

Tappen’s Hotel, Emmons Avenue and East 27th Street

Lundy’s Restaurant, opened its doors in 1935, at its highest point, the restaurant reportedly served over 2,000 patrons simultaneously. Irving Lundy, the man, the legend, opened Lundy’s, leading it to become a historic seafood restaurant operating for more than 40 years from 1935-1977, which reopened again from 1997-2007. This photo shows Lundy’s 1901 Emmons Avenue back when the trollies were still traveling the familiar routes which now are served by the B4 and B49 MTA busses. Today you can still see the Lundy’s facade which houses the Cherry Hill Gourmet and Masal Cafe and Lounge.

The corner of E. 15 St and Emmons Ave Circa 1930’s.

Corner of East 15 Street and Emmons Avenue. Circa 1930’s.

2269 Emmons

Where Emmons Bagels, Opera Lounge and Emmons Palace stand at 2253 – 2269 Emmons Avenue, 1937.

At Emmons Avenue and Dooley Street, along now-vanished Poole Lane, stands the last of Emmons Avenue’s large bayside houses.

                No trip to Emmons Avenue is complete until you drop by a pillar of our community, Roll ‘N Roaster, pictured above circa 1990’s.

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