Daylight Saving Time

Tonight Someone Will Steal 1 Hour From You!

Yes, we are afraid it’s true, each of us will be robbed of 1 hour and there is nothing we can do!

March in New York City is lots of fun if you enjoy drastic weather changes from spring sunny warm days to wintry mix of Nor’easter snow, wind and frigid temperatures. Alas, the one reminder that winter is truly coming to a close (though not fast enough), is  Daylight Saving Time. Tonight, at 2 am DST begins. We’ll set our clocks forward one hour, although cellphones and smart devices will change automatically, don’t forget to turn those manual bedside alarm clocks forward too, or you may oversleep and miss that morning rush hour train or bus to your job.

This change will push our beautiful Sunsets on Emmons Avenue later into the evening hours and welcome our picturesque Sunrises slightly later. 

The small price we pay for effective use of our daylight is that “springing ahead” will temporarily throw our sleep cycle completely out of wack, including the sleep of millions of fellow Americans. The day after DST begins is a day where many will feel jet lagged, zombie-like state and sluggish. Many studies shows motor vehicle accidents and errors at work and school tend to spike during this day, due to the lack of sleep of many of our cities drivers.

We suggest going to bed right now, as soon as you finish this post, turn the lights off and get that much needed shut-eye… otherwise, good luck trying to make up for that 1 hour loss of peaceful sleep. You can stop by KarverMasal Cafe or Opera Cafe and order a bucket of Coffee to help fuel your tired mind.