Liman Restaurant offers top quality fish in Brooklyn with an exclusive waterfront fine dining experience. Enjoy our specialty Turkish-style Mediterranean seafood with family and friends. We recommend our St. Peter’s Fish, either whole or as a fillet, but we have plenty of other equally delicious seafood to choose from.

In addition, Liman houses a private party room that can seat up to 100 guests, and a full bar with a huge selection of drinks. Let us be your destination for parties and events; we have special event packages tailored to your specific occasion.

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    1. Arianna F.
      If you love seafood, this is the place for you. The only meat served was a chicken kabob. Everything else was fish or shellfish and served Mediterranean style usually kabobs. Be careful with so-called boneless fish. The trout had some bones left in. The shrimp kabobs were wonderful. And their house salad just terrific. having a dairy allergy, we ordered it without the feta cheese.

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