Masal Cafe shares its location with a few other restaurants in the Lundy Building. It’s a unique cafe filled with delicious treats and authentic Turkish flavors. Masal Cafe is located on Emmons Avenue and looks over the scenic marina of Sheepshead Bay. Classic Kilim chairs and tiled tables fill the room. A huge portrait of Istanbul on the wall gives you a feeling as if you’re really in Turkey.

We serve Turkish tea, coffee,meals, and Turkish and Italian desserts. Try our famous stuffed baked potato, topped with black and green olives, peas, corn, pickles, ketchup and mayo. Enjoy your meal in our outdoor seating space, overlooking the bay, or inside, surrounded by beautiful Turkish decor.



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    1. Sasha S.
      This little spot was really cute! I got a hibiscus iced tea lemonade which was good and sweet. I like that they have reusable cups for water because it’s less wasteful. My friend got a bagel with cream cheese and they really piled on the cream cheese! No complaints there. I wish the seating was a little more comfortable but overall we had a great time.
    2. Metalp3n
      Delicious creme brûlée and tea!

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