Patrizia’s is a family owned restaurant for over 25 years, multiple locations throughout New York City. Another mouth-watering addition to Emmons Avenue, Sheepshead Bay. Each dish is prepared with fresh organic ingredients that use the family’s recipes dating back over 150 years. Outstanding food, great service, and a classic atmosphere distinguishes Patrizia’s from any other restaurant and makes it a one of a kind experience.

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    1. Arianna F.

      Really love it when I have a date and they surprise me with Patrizia’s when I say I want to “keep it local”. Amazing food and service. Cozy and romantic.
    2. Yuri K.

      When it first opened Patrizia’s on sheepshead bay, had the potential of being the best restaurant in all of South Brooklyn. It didn’t take long for the quality of the food to go way down and service became a joke. Private parties with large groups of people on weekends drive sound levels so high up that it’s impossible to maintain normal conversations. Do yourself a favor and go to their other locations which still live up the high standards Patrizia customers have been accustomed to before the emmons avenue location opened.
    3. Ashley J.

      2 WORDS! Baked Clams – divine with wine LOL
      Definitely earned my 5 stars 😉 The waiter Jason was so nice and gave my date and I a comfortable and easy date. He suggested a few sharing apps like the calamari and the clams. Everything came out warm and tasty. I made a reservation to bring my mom next weekend.

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