The best homegrown fast-food in New York City can be reached by driving to the bay making a right onto Emmons Avenue. There is absolutely no other place like this one. Our popular seaside neighborhood is home to many restaurants and fun activities, but Roll n Roaster takes the Apple Pie. A roast beef (and so much more) “not-so-fast fast food restaurant” that’s been feeding our community and its visitors for over 40 years. The restaurant tried its hand at a Staten Island location and another on Third Avenue in the East Village—both are now closed—but the heart and soul of the operation remains at the Emmons Avenue flagship, with its nostalgia inducing facade and decor.

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    1. Natalie B.
      An Emmons Avenue staple, Roll N Roaster never disappoints – with delicious roast-beef sandwiches. They’re not the quickest of fast food – but it’s always worth the wait. Everything on the menu, save for a $60 bottle of Moët & Chandon, is under $8, and if you manage to spend over $35, they’ll give you a free pizza!

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