Introducing The Vahalla of Beers, The Heaven of Euro Brews: Draft Barn

Beer, the ancient brew. Beer was being brewed by the 5 millennium BC and is one of humanity’s oldest beverages. Given this ancient history, it should come as no surprise that beer has come a long ways. Over the last few centuries, countless truly memorable classics have emerged. Over the past few decades, the microbrew scene has also exploded, with artisan beer brewers from around the world crafting brews packed with a myriad of flavors and nuances.

It doesn’t matter how serious of a beer connoisseur you are, you’re never going to taste them all. However, if you find yourself near Emmons Avenue, there’s a beer utopia that you can hit up to literally check hundreds off the never ending “Must Imbibe” list. The Draft Barn has a mind-numbing 300 plus varieties of beer in bottle and on draft. Many of the beers are matched with their own custom artisan glasses that reflect and show off the underlying attributes that makes each brew so special.

It’s not hard to find American microbrews around New York these days, even if the selection at individual bars is often limited to a dozen or two choices. What really makes Draft Barn a must-go destination, however, is their vast list of high-end European beers. You’ll struggle to find a better Euro selection outside of the European Union. Anyone who’s a huge fan of American microbrews owes it to him or herself to check out the best from the other side of the pond.

Draft Barn is fantastic not only for its massive selection of brews, but also for its fantastic food and authentic atmosphere. New York is New York and there’s a near infinite number of things to do. However, stepping into the Draft Barn is like walking through a portal to a cozy European village pub. Draft Barn is tucked away from the busiest streets, but is still lively, and draws a crowd that really appreciates the opportunity to imbibe so many delicacies. In other words, people love to drink good brews.

If that type of environment has a certain pull for you, you owe it to yourself to hit up the Draft Barn. You’re going to fit in. You’ll likely be pulled into a lot discussions with other patrons, weighing in the best beers. You’ll also get to taste some of the best brews that the world has to offer while enjoying fantastic food and a friendly atmosphere.