Soup-N-Burger: Comfortable Comfort Food at a Comforting Price

Soups and Burgers. When it comes to comfort foods, are there any better choices? Some might argue Mac N Cheese, but Soup-N-Burger has that too. (Soups-N-Burgers & Mac-N-Cheese is perhaps too much of a mouthful, but their Mac N Cheese is delicious.)  Regardless, Soup-N-Burger excels at all of these comfort foods and more, making it a welcome addition to the list of Emmons Avenue restaurants.

Let’s start with the soups. Soups are found universally in just about every culture. If you happen to be a soup connoisseur, then you’ll know that there are soups from Europe, America, Japan, China, the Middle East, Russia (borscht!) and various other places. The right soup is not only delicious but filling and healthy as well.

Universal appeal, however, doesn’t mean that every soup is universally appealing. Far from it. Maybe I’ve just had bad luck, but I feel like soups have let me down more than any other common restaurant food. It takes bad luck to find truly bad French fries. On the other hand, finding a great soup is like winning the lottery. It happens, but not often.

…. Unless you go to a place, like Soup-N-Burger, that specializes in soups. I’ve tried a few soups at this establishment, and they’ve ranged from excellent to extraordinary.

Burgers are burgers. Except when they’re not. Soup-N-Burger is one of those places where the burgers manage to rise above the crowded fray of “good but normal burgers.” They’re better than is common, and that alone makes them excellent. Most burgers around New York are “good.” Soups-N-Burger does better than that.

As for desert, their ice cream is straight delicious. On a hot day, ice cream is easily my favorite comfort crave. I haven’t been able to stop by Soups N Burgers for a cone on a hot day, but I have sampled some of their creams, and they are fantastic.

Ultimately, Soup-N-Burger serves all of the “basics”, except they’re anything but basic. “Fantastic” would be a far more accurate word. That’s what makes Soups-N-Burger such a great neighborhood get.

As for the environment, Soup-N-Burger hews to the “comfort” philosophy, staying in line with their food. To be honest, I’m a bit agnostic in terms of restaurant décor. A homely, warm pub, a chic and trendy club, I like em all. What I don’t like is when the décor doesn’t match the food.

Soup-N-Burger avoids this, offering the type of warm place I’d love to sit down and have a bowl of soup or a burger. The restaurant feels a bit like an upscale dinner, which provides comfort right off the bat. Yet it also melds in a lot of warm, earthy woods. Service was quick as well and the staff was friendly.

Ultimately, I’d say that Soup-N-Burger is one of those restaurants that manages to be more than the sum of its part. This establishment does everything well, and certain things (Soups and Burgers and Mac N Cheese and Ice Cream!) exceptionally well. That alone makes it something special, even in the crowded Emmons Avenue district. Check out their profile here, leave a review, and spread the love!